Full Moon

Full Moon, Video, 1.30 sec 2022
The Making of the Qamariya

This work was completed during an art residency in Cairo for which I produced and showcased a body of work in which the ‘Full Moon’ sculpture made of gypsum featured as the centrepiece. This sculpture was made from scratch by employing the tafreegh technique which involves first casting the gypsum and then using a special knife (called a zewana) to empty out different sections into a pattern. The pattern was based on the specific qamariya design in my home in Yemen. Made in the winter of 2022 while I was residing in my studio at the Darb1718 art center in old Cairo, Egypt, the entire process was documented and used to make a short video.


3031 Visual Arts Exhibition, Darb1718, Ciro, Egypt, (2022)

Full Moon, Gypsum, 104×52×2.5 cm each, 3031 Visual Art Exhibition, Darb1718, Cairo, Egypt, 2022
Full Moon

The first qamariya sculpture I created was in 2019. Immediately after completing that work, I started reconnect with my feelings and sense of home. The silhouette that is drawn by the qamariya object as it merges with my own shadow and self, creates a new understanding of home as a space where we both can live together peacefully. Perhaps this place which I call “home” exists only in my imagination. It is possible that all of this might just a form of nostalgia and a way to cope with the my present circumstances and the predicament of many others like me. My work focuses on the spectrum that the meaning of home falls into, between imagination and reality, between memory and intention.