First message, مُراسلات – Correspondence, 2020
First reply, مُراسلات – Correspondence, 2020

‘First message’ & ‘First reply’ from “Correspondence – مُراسلات” series at the Middle East institute (MEI) art gallery. October 7th, 2020 through January 13th, 2021.

Correspondence – مُراسلات

Art in time of isolation – Participating Artist – Middle East gallery – Washington D.C.

In recent months, the pandemic has forced most of us to spend more time at home which has also meant greater dependence on digital communication. Many people, whether close or far, have been reaching out and reconnecting. The most significant has been the messages from my mum, currently in our home in Yemen. In her words, she acknowledged that the situation worsened since the citizens were already suffering from the impact of the war, but was always optimistic about the future. She would still say that Yemen would still be the place we spend the rest of our lives in. It felt as if her messages were letters being sent from a time long gone with the ‘Qamariya’ prints representing the imaginary stamps. Letters received from my home country in that time of isolation.